Succeed to history

Interviews with A-bomb survivors, A-bomb Legacy Successors, and peace volunteers.

Succeed to historyVol.18

Keiko Aokiさん

We have to relay their thoughts. We must not forget. We must pass their experiences down to the next generation. That is what I feel strongly.

A-bomb legacy successor

Keiko Aoki

Succeed to historyVol.17

Haruki Yamaguchiさん

We put much emphasis on asking the participants questions and having a dialogue, rather than conveying information to them one-sidedly.

Peace Education Director, Education Division, Peace Culture Village (NPO)

Haruki Yamaguchi

Succeed to historyVol.16

Nurhaizal Azamさん

It is important to know the fact that two Malayans were killed by the A-bomb in Hiroshima.

Associate Professor/Hiroshima City University

Nurhaizal Azam

Succeed to historyVol.15

Emi Imadaさん

I would like the children I am teaching to be people who can give other people an opportunity to get involved in peace activities.

Hiroshima City elementary school teacher

Emi Imada

Succeed to historyVol.14

Michiko Yamaokaさん

I believe successors have to convey the facts objectively and unemotionally to the next generation.

A-bomb Legacy Successor

Michiko Yamaoka

Succeed to historyVol.13

Yukimi Dohiさん

I think it is important for us to know and remember what A-bomb survivors experienced, but at the same time, it is important to know that there were a lot of people who couldn’t even talk about their experiences.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum curator

Yukimi Dohi

Succeed to historyVol.12

Hiroko Nishimuraさん

I wanted to use my own words to pass down what had happened in Hiroshima at the A-bombing to children who will bear the burden of the future.

Peace volunteer

Hiroko Nishimura

Succeed to historyVol.11


History goes on, and the past and the present are never separated. We need to realize it and pass what happened down to the next generation.



Succeed to historyVol.10

Sachiko Nishiokaさん

I’ll convey survivors’ A-bomb experiences not in their copied words but in my own words by understanding their spirits, so that my words will stay in the minds of the next generation.

A-bomb Legacy Successor Training Program trainee

Sachiko Nishioka

Succeed to historyVol.9

“Kanabun,” pen nameさん

Don’t quit learning about war, please, though you feel scared.
Please tell people around you about war that occurred in the past.

Office worker

“Kanabun,” pen name

Succeed to historyVol.8

Chika Fujisawaさん

I haven’t experienced war, so I can talk about the atomic bombing with the same viewpoint as young people, which I think is significant.

A-bomb Legacy Successor trainee

Chika Fujisawa

Succeed to historyVol.7

Kouichi Ishiwataさん

You should act and see by yourself. I think, “Action changes the future.”

In Kanagawa Hiroshima City A-bomb Legacy Successor of 2016

Kouichi Ishiwata