Pass down a story

Interviews with A-bomb survivors, A-bomb Legacy Successors, and peace volunteers.

Pass down a storyVol.19

Keiko Oguraさん

Starting to give my A-bomb testimony, I learned that there are hibakusha all over the world.

A-bomb survivor

Keiko Ogura

Pass down a storyVol.18

Keiko Nakagawaさん

When my mother said to me,“Keiko-chan, death isn’t terrible. It isn’t frightening,” I thought, “Oh, that airplane is going to drop a bomb. And then, I’ll die.” Looking back now, it is amazing that a nine-year-old girl prepared for her death, then.

A-bomb survivor

Keiko Nakagawa

Pass down a storyVol.17

Yoko Wadaさん

Now, many people are giving their A-bomb testimonies. I think that we, who were third-graders at the time of the A-bombing, might be the last generation who can talk about what we witnessed.

A-bomb survivor

Yoko Wada

Pass down a storyVol.16

Miwako Kanbeさん

When I help a pregnant mother deliver a baby on August 6, I say to her, “If you don’t mind, would you offer a silent prayer with me?”

A-bomb survivor

Miwako Kanbe

Pass down a storyVol.15

Lee Jongkeunさん

Treat others, yourself and things with love and care. If you are considerate, you’ll have no discrimination in your mind. Friends on your side are your treasures.

A-bomb survivor

Lee Jongkeun

Pass down a storyVol.14

Mitsuo Kodamaさん

I have determined to keep on speaking out to the whole world, for the rest of my life, about how horrible radiation is.

A-bomb survivor

Mitsuo Kodama

Pass down a storyVol.13

Masayo Moriさん

You should always be aware of social problems as they affect you, then listen to the survivors' stories. Don’t be indifferent to politics, peace or poverty. This is necessary in order to have a dialogue.

A-bomb survivor

Masayo Mori

Pass down a storyVol.12

Hisako Kimuraさん

Listen sincerely to survivors and think about what you can do for yourself.
To think about your future is the duty of young people living in the victim country of the atomic bombs.

A-bomb survivor

Hisako Kimura

Pass down a storyVol.11

Iwao Nakanishiさん

Thinking about the A-bombing is thinking about humans.

A-bomb survivor

Iwao Nakanishi

Pass down a storyVol.10

Syouso Kawamotoさん

There were about 2,000 children who didn’t survive, even though they weren’t exposed to the A-bombing. I decided to be a storyteller to let people know what real war was like for them.

A-bomb survivor

Syouso Kawamoto

Pass down a storyVol.9

Meiko Kuriharaさん

I have been grateful to those foreign students from the bottom of my heart. They always helped and supported us. We were comforted and encouraged by them.

A-bomb survivor

Meiko Kurihara

Pass down a storyVol.8

Yoshiko Kajimotoさん

I will be happy if one person gets motivated by my storytelling, one person out of a group of 50.

A-bomb survivor

Yoshiko Kajimoto