#The third-generation hibakusha's thoughts for future

Interviews with A-bomb survivors, A-bomb Legacy Successors, and peace volunteers.

Succeed to historyVol.17

Haruki Yamaguchiさん

We put much emphasis on asking the participants questions and having a dialogue, rather than conveying information to them one-sidedly.

Peace Education Director, Education Division, Peace Culture Village (NPO)

Haruki Yamaguchi

Succeed to historyVol.15

Emi Imadaさん

I would like the children I am teaching to be people who can give other people an opportunity to get involved in peace activities.

Hiroshima City elementary school teacher

Emi Imada

Succeed to historyVol.14

Michiko Yamaokaさん

I believe successors have to convey the facts objectively and unemotionally to the next generation.

A-bomb Legacy Successor

Michiko Yamaoka