Pass down a story

Interviews with A-bomb survivors, A-bomb Legacy Successors, and peace volunteers.

Pass down a storyVol.6

Tadashi Matsumotoさん

I had thought that I was not qualified to tell my experiences because I felt guilty.

A-bomb survivor

Tadashi Matsumoto

Pass down a storyVol.5

Fusae Nishitomiさん

I have never seen such a red, beautiful, round thing.

A-bomb survivor

Fusae Nishitomi

Pass down a storyVol.4

Director Kubota’s grandmotherさん

“We only have one life to live.” Can you find your dream in life while at the same time killing people in war?

A-bomb survivor

Director Kubota’s grandmother

Pass down a storyVol.3

Akito Konoさん

No Conflict with Love and Physical Contact

A-bomb survivor

Akito Kono

Pass down a storyVol.2

Emiko Okadaさん

I hope that people who were born into this peaceful world take action for the future.

A-bomb survivor

Emiko Okada

Pass down a storyVol.1

Masami Nagataさん

“I thought that I should record what I experienced.”

A-bomb survivor

Masami Nagata